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Welcome to the HCA Clinical Services Chili Election Page

Tuesday, November 8th 2016
CSG CHILI “Election”

Jaynee Day, President and CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, will be on hand at the conclusion of “voting” to award trophies to the winner and two runners-up in an “Inauguration Ceremony”!!

·         Voting is totally rigged! You can BUY Votes! Stuff the ballot box!

·         $1 = 1 vote, 5 vote minimum for voter participants, but no maximum (we recommend checks to be made out to Second Harvest so they can send you a receipt, but cash will also be accepted)

·         “Absentee ballots” and “early voting” are very welcomed & appreciated!


Our Candidates:

Karla Miller - “Red, White & Buck Chili: The Buck Stops Here” (venison chili)

Tom Garthwaite - “Libertarian Chili: A New Kind of Freedom” (description-free chili)

Christina Cabral - “Fact Checker Chili: What’s Really In It?” (ingredients undisclosed)

Ann Ezell - “Hot Air Chili” (beef & pork Texas-style)

Jennifer Harris - “Grassroots Smoked Brisket Chili: Slow Smoked and For The People” (smoked brisket chili)

Susan Goodwin - “Bipartisan Four Bean Chili: All Beans Welcomed” (beef, sausage and lots of beans)

Josh Harvey - “Feel The Bern: Nashville Hot Chicken Chili” (hot chicken!!)

Olivia Kollnig - “The Sound of Chili” (from our Austrian chef-candidate!)

Sridevi Ponnazhagan - “Healthy e-Bowl Chili: The Meat-Free Candidate” (sprouted bean and vegetable chili)

Albert Rios - “No Wall Can Stop This Chili!” (chorizo, tequila & lime chili)

Nancy Purtell - “Change – Green Is Good For You” (New Mexican green chili)

Mark Lee Taylor - “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along White Chicken Chili” (chicken chili)

Peter Harmon - “No Bull White Bean and Chicken Chili” (chicken and white beans)

Crockett Bone - “Bonehouse White Chicken Chili” (chicken chili)

John Dickey - “Kicking With Clinton Chili” (spicy turkey chili)

Tim Carlton - “Mom’s Election Day Chili” (his mom was Italian and didn’t cook chili, just sayin’)

To use this “virtual” election process, simply make your donation and present your receipt at the event or email your receipt to Elizabeth.Phimma@hcahealthcare.com and indicate the name(s) of the candidates you are voting for.



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100+ percent of goal achieved.
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Raised $250 for the fight against hunger.

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